What is a Caregiver-Centric Hiring Process?

A caregiver-centric hiring process is a methodically designed process to take candidates and convert them into quality caregivers. It has these specific attributes:

  • Scalable, so you can ‘turn it up’ as necessary
  • Automated where it can be, you want to minimize manual interventions
  • Measurable with a Dashboard that provides performance indicators
  • Levers, or leading indicators, that can be pulled to increase hiring are well understood
  • Results, or lagging indicators, are predictable
  • Costs are clearly understood in labor, tooling, and advertising
  • Every step in the funnel has a clear purpose of moving the candidate further down the process, and cleanly leads to the next step in the process

What else? What do you think makes a hiring process caregiver-centric?

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

What is a Caregiver-Centric Hiring Process?
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