Hiring as Sales

The caregiver gap broadens. But out of it springs practices agencies can use to meet their hiring needs.

There are not enough caregivers to meet agency needs. The gap is predicted to broaden as America ages. Because there are not enough caregivers to go around, you must make a compelling pitch for why caregivers should choose your agency. Therefore improve your hiring by viewing it as a sales process.

Power of Process

A sales process is the best known way of making a sale. Why view your hiring as a sales process? Here are the key benefits:

  • Turns candidates into ambassadors who recommend your agency to their caregiver friends.
  • Predictably scale your team of caregivers.

Caregiver as Customer

Great caregivers are snapped up quickly. To improve the odds of hiring them, encourage your team to view caregiver candidates as another 'customer' deserving an excellent experience.

A great happy caregiver and client

Lead by example. Treat them the way you would like them to treat your clients. With dignity, compassion, and warmth.

Magic happens when every candidate receives this experience. When all caregivers – even the ones you don't hire – speak fondly of their interactions with your agency then your agency has created a team of ambassadors. These ambassadors will promote and recommend you to their caregiver friends. That bad candidate can be friends with your next great caregiver.

Predictably Scale Your Caregiver Team

Crystal Ball as Metaphor For Being Able to Predict Your Hiring Ability

Inability to plan leads to missed client opportunities and more stress for the team. A consistent experience from application to orientation allows you to reduce variation in your hiring process. If you limit variation and record the results of your hiring you can then accurately forecast the number of caregivers you'll hire. Sleep easily and predictably grow your agency each month.

Are your candidates ambassadors of your agency? Can you improve your hiring process methodically and forecast your hiring ability? What other ideas from sales can we use to improve caregiver recruiting?

Hiring as Sales
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