Do you have a Caregiver Persona?

If only finding caregivers was as easy as finding that last sock in the dryer.

Want better results from recruiting? Get clear on your Caregiver Persona – what your ideal caregiver looks like. Most agencies fall short from the start, by reaching the wrong candidates, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Get Clear On Your Caregiver Persona

The most important simple thing you can do to make your hiring process effective is getting clear on who would make an ideal caregiver at your agency. This includes how to describe them and where best to reach them. You'll revise this regularly until you feel you have a clear persona – this is not a one-time exercise.

The Caregiver Persona (CP) improves recruiting productivity by:

  • Finding great candidates more easily through smart targeting
  • Disqualifying poor candidates more quickly

(Both of which lead to faster hires and higher acceptance rates.)

The CP should, ideally, fit on a single page. Design it this way to keep it simple: when hiring a new recruiter, how can you educate them as quickly as possible about what kinds of candidates they should be targeting and which to avoid?

Smart Targeting

Don't build a huge list of criteria. 2-3 key ones to start is perfect. In fact, fewer, better criteria will make it easier to benefit from the persona.

Here are some examples:

  • Nearby address
  • Current CNA license
  • Current TB exam

Right Place

How do your candidates personally communicate? Today most avoid email and use a messaging platform such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, or iMessage.

If your candidates are not using email or phone calls in their personal lives you're going to have a much harder time reaching them with emails and phone calls. Communicate with candidates with text messaging to increase response rates.

Red Flags and Deal Breakers

What signals or signs can you look for, as early in the hiring process as possible, to warn you that the candidate is a bad fit? Here are some examples of red flags:

  • Tardiness to the interview, phone screen, or orientation.
  • Slow to respond to communications.
  • Uncomfortable or unfamiliar with smartphones.
  • Short tenures at past agencies.
  • Lives far away from most of your clients.

Refresh Regularly

Finally, you can have more than one kind of candidate persona. Limit yourself to 1-5 personas. If you think you need more than that, your recruitment strategy needs focusing.

Do you have a Caregiver Persona?
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