A Vision For Senior Care

We want to make caregiver recruiting personal.

We want this because personal high quality care for seniors, begins with personal high quality care of caregivers.

To further our mission, we make it easy for senior care providers to communicate with prospective and existing caregivers, personally and at scale.

What does ChirpyHire provide?

ChirpyHire gives senior care recruiters a two-way text interviewing tool to chat with prospective and existing hires.

It’s much better than online job applications or phone screens because it’s personal and simple for non-technical people to use.

Care providers can use personalized messaging flows which collect information from caregivers automatically.

Recruiters can track and filter caregiver data. Recruiters use this data to trigger relevant personalized and automated messages to caregivers.

What’s new about what you are doing?

Recruiters all have a few simple needs: (1) up-to-date data (qualifications, availability, location) on candidates and (2) an ability to authentically communicate with the right candidate the right way at the right time.

Candidates have a few simple needs: (1) to get hired quickly and (2) to be treated with care and dignity as they communicate with employers.

ChirpyHire solves all these needs and doesn’t need configuration or babysitting to do so. It takes concepts that are proven winners from customer engagement tools and puts them in a package that a busy caregiver recruiter can figure out.

Ask the right caregiver, the right question, the right way, at the right time

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

A Vision For Senior Care
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