5 Trends Changing Caregiver Recruiting

It’s an exciting time to be recruiting caregivers because recruiting is strategic to home care agencies. However, traditional recruiting practices are breaking down and you can’t just post an ad on a job board anymore. Recruiters must build relationships with candidates so they can keep in touch with the great caregivers in their area.

Here's a quick overview on five major trends in caregiver recruiting so you can start putting them into practice. What other trends are you seeing?

Recruitment Marketing

Recruiting Marketing is the process of applying inbound marketing to recruiting so you can recruiter better caregivers more consistently.
  • Recruitment should be approached with a Marketing mindset. Marketers attract, qualify, nurture, and convert leads into customers and the best recruiters apply this same mindset to their hiring process.
  • Proactive versus reactive. Build a talent pool of qualified candidates so that you can reach out to a group of warm candidates instead of cold candidates from a job board posting.

Consumerization of Candidate Experience

Candidates have options so loyalty is low and turnover is at an all time high. Candidates are behaving more like consumers.

  • Candidates are in control. Candidates have more control over their job search so having a great candidate experience is critical. Candidates can evaluate an employer based on its communication tone and candidate experience. Candidates are influenced by word of mouth from former colleagues and these perceptions influence a decision to work with your agency.
  • There are multiple paths leading a candidate to apply. Candidates interact with your agency multiple times before making a decision to accept a caregiver position. Providing a variety of ways for candidates to learn more about your agency and build a relationship helps identify the best candidates.

Caregiver Referral Programs

The best source for candidates is referrals from existing staff and trusted partners.

  • Timing is key. Caregivers are more likely to provide referrals when they feel close and grateful to your agency therefore request referrals from caregivers during orientation. If each oriented caregiver refers 3 other caregivers your agency will quickly have a pool of candidates to reach out to.
  • Huge ROI on a consistent referral process. An established referral program leads to a high volume of quality candidates, faster times to hire, higher retention rates, and more engaged caregivers.

Text Recruiting

The key to building relationships is communication. Phone calls, emails, and other recruiting channels have poor response rates from candidates. That’s why the best agencies reach out to candidates via text message.

  • Immediately reach your candidates. SMS has an open rate of 99% and a click through rate of 36%. No other channel can come close.
  • Leverage media messages for richer interactions. Today via text message, candidates can send you photos of documents verifying basic hiring requirements or you can send candidates a video introducing your agency to them.

Recruitment Marketing Platform

A recruitment marketing platform is complementary to your existing applicant tracking system or scheduling solution. Use a platform designed specifically for Home Care in order to take advantage of the trends.

  • Identify promising candidates. Identify promising candidates and keep tabs on them even if they aren’t ready to apply. Remain top of mind for these candidates so that when they are looking for more hours they call your agency first.
  • Build personal relationships. Keep a record of all communication candidates have with your agency so you can build relationships over time.
Which of these trends do you think will have the biggest impact on your caregiver recruiting efforts this year?
5 Trends Changing Caregiver Recruiting
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