5 Caregiver Screening Tips

How can you get more out of your existing caregiver screening process?

Save time and increase your candidate conversion rate with these five tips.

  • Be consistent: Use the same process to ensure every candidate, regardless of the outcome, is left with a positive impression of your employer brand.
  • Be focused: Ask the 3-5 key questions you need answered to determine the candidate's viability. You want to eliminate all bad fit candidates but still make it an easy experience for viable candidates.
  • Avoid email ping pong: Use texting to get your candidates to respond promptly. Email slows down the screening process.
  • Track channel performance: Know where your candidates come from (Craigslist, myCNAJobs, Referrals) and what % convert to applicants. This will enable you to focus your time and money on channels that are working.
  • Log your communication: Log your communication with all candidates to follow up in a more personal manner. Candidates that are not hired today might be a good fit in the future.
5 Caregiver Screening Tips
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